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Below you can see a list of all BerkelBike users. Some of them have written down their experiences and/or are willing to answer questions per email. Please click on the names.

Ailments abbreviations:

SCI           Spinal Cord Injury = Paraplegic
(C#)          Cervical vertebra
(T#)          Thoracic vertebra
(L#)          Lumbar vertebra
IC             Motoric In-complete
C              Motoric Complete
ALS         Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
CD           Congenital Disorder

BB: BerkelBike


CRPS        Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
CP             Cerebral Palsy = Encephalopathy = Spastic
DE             Disturbance of Equilibrium
HMS         Hypermobility Syndrome
MS            Multiple Sclerosis
NCBD       Non-Congenital Brain Damage
SB             Spina Bifida
RC: rehabilitation center