Els, from the Netherlands has MS and recently purchased the BerkelBike. She sent us this letter in Dutch, which we have translated:
I just wanted to say that I’ve discussed the schedule given with my physiotherapist. Every other day I cycle with the BerkelBike, allowing my body to recover on the days off. My friend just invented a new verb: Berkeling! So I Berkel and have Berkeled every other day and now am reaching 2,5 kilometer or 1,5 miles after just a few weeks. It has been fantastic and I have gotten so many positive comments.

A lot of people still don’t know about the BerkelBike and think it’s a handbike, but as soon as they see my feet move, they start doubting.

To keep a long story short: I am a satisfied human being. Connecting and disconnecting really is the easiest thing ever!

Lots of greetings from a content “Berkeler” Els.