Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

Having multiple sclerosis (MS) means that one has to stay fit to keep their muscles supple and healthy. But having multiple sclerosis makes this difficult, multiple sclerosis causes the muscles to weaken and causes sufferers to have limited balance, limited energy levels and impaired locomotive functions. This means that even walking and cycling can be a difficult task to perform. Here is where we come in, an increasing numbers of people with multiple sclerosis have discovered our solution, the BerkelBike.


BerkelBike’s unique cycles for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

With the BerkelBike it’s possible to use both the arms and the legs to cycle. The arm pieces are connected through a chain to the leg parts. The locomotive functions of the arms are usually better than in the legs for people with multiple sclerosis. Usually the legs are able to push the pedals out, but struggle to make a nice cycling movement. The connection with the arms relieves the pressure on the legs and provides an extra energy boost. The three wheels take away any balance issues. Using the BerkelBike offers an easy way to travel and gives multiple sclerosis therapy too. The results are surprising.

Research: Exercise Helps Protect Brain of Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Highly fit multiple sclerosis patients perform significantly better on test of cognitive function than similar less-fit patients. Aerobic fitness has a protective effect on parts of the brain that are most affected by MS. As a result, these fitter patients show better performance on tasks that measure processing speed. Physically fit MS patients also had fewer lesions compared to those who weren’t as fit and the lesions tended to be smaller.

BerkelBike and MS

Reni de Boer (photo) is the Ambassador of Onbeperkt Nederland, a Dutch organization for the physically impaired. Reni has multiple sclerosis and saw her health greatly improve when she started the training therapy with the BerkelBike.

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