Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the BerkelBike with FES without the help of others?

Almost all people with full arm function can use their BerkelBike with FES-Box without the assistance of others.

Can I transport my BerkelBike or EasyLegs in a car?

Yes! Both BerkelBike Pro and EasyLegs Pro can easily be taken apart without the need for any tools. Front and back part are attached to each other with a quick-release clamp and a safety pin. Also, the wheels are standard equipped with quick release locks. You just need to push a button, and you can take them off. If you possess the electric pedal assist, the battery can also easily be detached to save some space. Last but not least, the bikes are very light because the frame is made from T6 heat-treated aluminum 7005, which is also used for racing bikes.

What can the BerkelBike do for my disability?

The BerkelBike was developed for people with spinal cord injury. However, throughout the years, it became clear that people with many different disabilities can benefit from it. We have collected a lot of customer reviews in recent years. The following impairments are the most common ones among users of the BerkelBike: - Stroke - Cerebral Palsy - Multiple Sclerosis - Spinal Cord Injury - Congenital Disorder - Acquired Brain Injury - Amputation      

How can I purchase BerkelBike products?

faq_img Take a look at our ‘Contact’-page for an overview of our retailers and distributors worldwide. If there is no retailer nearby or the desired product isn’t available, you can buy our products direct from BerkelBike BV in the Netherlands. Most of our products can easily be shipped to your door anywhere in the world. Contact us for more information and visit our ‘purchase abroad’ section.

Are there smaller versions of the BerkelBike and EasyLegs for children?

There are no special sizes for children thus far. The Pro version is suitable for everyone with a height of at least 110cm. What height is required for the Connect is dependent on your wheelchair, though the height requirement is generally higher than that of the Pro. In this context, it is good to know that the BerkelBike and EasyLegs Pro can easily be upgraded to become a BerkelBike Conncet later on. You just need to buy the wheelchair adapter part of the connect and not a completely new bike. Please contact us for your specific case.

My leg is amputated. Is the BerkelBike also suitable for me ?

Yes, the BerkelBike can certainly be used by someone with an amputation. One leg is at least as strong as 2 arms. Previously, people with a (lower) leg amputation had to choose between a handcycle or a recumbent. With the BerkelBike you can combine the power of your arms and leg.

Is it possible to stimulate each leg on its own in the case of an incomplete spinal cord lesion ?

Yes, stimulation is programmable for each group of muscles individually. So if you have a leg with more sensory activity it is possible to reduce stimulation or even to switch of any stimulation.

I have a high cervical spinal cord lesion. Can I still use the BerkelBike?

This question cannot be easily answered. In general, it can be said that if you have a complete lesion at C5 or lower, you should be able to use the crank properly. However, even if your injury lies above C5, there are different possibilities to involve your arms into the movement. A lot of the functions of the bike can be controlled with your chin and your head. To find out what is possible in your particular situation, you should contact us and undertake individual testing. Another option for people without hand function is the EasyLegs with electric pedal assist. The EasyLegs can also be equipped with our FES-Box and it could be easier for you to control the handlebars instead of a crank. Take a look at this video to see a demonstration. In the case of incomplete spinal cord injury, you should do a test ride to determine whether the BerkelBike is something for you.

Can I use the FES-Box as a standalone stimulator?

Yes, some customers use our functional electrical stimulation system as a stand-alone stimulator. For instance, one of our customers uses the FES-Box to exercise his abdominal muscles. Others exercise several muscles simultaneously while lying in bed.

Can I get more spasms from using FES ?

Most people report will experience a decrease in spasms after starting the training with FES. The remaining spasms are often experienced as more intense because your muscles have become muscles became stronger as a result of the exercise. However, it is difficult to make predictions in advance due to great individual differences.