Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury is caused when nerves in the spinal cord are damaged. There are various different ways this can happen. In spinal cord injuries where the nerve has only been partially damaged it is called “incomplete” spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injury causes muscles to weaken and slows down the blood circulation of the lower body. This means that health problems often occur with paraplegics. Training the legs positively contributes to spinal cord injury rehabilitation. The BerkelBike offers spinal cord injured the possibility to actively and enjoyably train their legs on a daily basis.

BerkelBike and incomplete spinal cord injury

The BerkelBike was first invented to help spinal cord injured have a more complete and active training. People with incomplete spinal cord injury have diminished power in their legs. This power is often not sufficient for cycling ordinarily. The great advantage the BerkelBike offers is the support the legs get from the strength and coordination of your arms. This allows you yet to use the strength that is still present in your legs. And with enough training at an intense level it is even possible in many cases to regain some function.

Health benefits

The BerkelBike has shown that it can not only help in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries but prevent many other additional affections. The chances of developing pressure sores will greatly decrease too. And it will help prevent the loss of muscles. Physical activity does not only have a positive effect on the body but it does so on the mind too. It gives you a good and healthy feeling throughout the whole day.

There is a another great health benefit when using the BerkelBike, this is because the BerkelBike uses both the arms as well as the legs to move. The leg muscles are the biggest muscles in the human body. These muscles have to be trained in order for the body to achieve an optimal physical fitness. The blood circulation of the lower body will improve and help in spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

The level of the incomplete spinal cord injury determines the use and limitations of your body. We offer a range of accessories that assist people with even high incomplete spinal cord injuries to be able to cycle, often combined with functional electric stimulation (FES).

Combined with the FES System

You could well have diminished feeling in your legs due to your spinal cord injury. In that case the BerkelBike can be equipped with functional electrical stimulation for spinal cord injury rehabilitation. This means that electrical impulses are sent through electrodes to the nerve endings in the muscles. These impulses will make the muscles contract. The system has been configured to send out the right signals to contract the muscles enabling the simulation of cycling.

    Suitable products in case of Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
  • BerkelBike Pro

    En kombinasjon av en håndsykkel og en halvliggende sykkel

  • BerkelBike Connect

    Kjør din egen rullestol med styrken fra armer og bein

  • Easylegs Pro

    Det sunne alternativet til en elektrisk scooter

  • EasyLegs Connect

    Transportering og beinøvelser i din egen rullestol

  • BerkelBike Fitness

    Bein- og armøvelser samtidig i hjemmet ditt


Sometimes in combination with FES, and if necessary additional feet, leg and arm support. For the Pro and Connect engine assist can be added. Feel free to contact us for more information and inquire about the possibilities in your case. When you perceive less to little pain in your legs and you would like to know if the FES Cycling system suits you, please fill out our form Ask the expert.